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Datapath Overview

At DataPath, our more than 25 years of experience in integrated communications and information technology has made us a market leader in trusted communications systems, services and end-to-end solutions for mission critical operations.

DataPath distinguishes itself in the global market place by bringing true, economic value to the bottom line through ‘Total Solutions’ offerings for each requirement. ‘Total Solutions’ ensures all program elements – products, systems and support- are factored in to drive success through on-time and on-budget deliveries and cost savings to the customer.

Whether for military, government or commercial applications, DataPath has the expertise, technology and customer-focused approach to meet the most demanding communication and information security requirements.


The ability to transition across networks on demand and communicate across platforms is an imperative for military, government and commercial applications. DataPath’s ‘Total Solutions’ concept ensures communications networks meet requirements for access and security, ease-of-use and durability even in the harshest operating environments.


However, DataPath’s broad experience provides products and services that span the entire continuum of a network architecture. Our MaxView® network monitor and control software is the proven NMC solution for government agencies, leading broadcast organizations and satellite operators. We also offer an array of professional services including global field support services, training and documentation services, 24/7 network operations support, information assurance and logistics engineering.


Furthermore, DataPath offers award winning 24 x 7 MaxDefense Cyber Security Services, built on government-grade security protocols, and backed by an on-site incident response team. This gives our customers peace of mind. They know their networks receive protection from state-of-the-art cyber security tailored to the specific vulnerabilities of satellite network architecture. Through our related Managed Cyber Security Services program, we enable small- and medium-sized businesses to offer their customers enterprise-level security.