| Poly Caster Series

The PolyCaster NG series by GMIT offers optimized streaming servers for high-performance HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) to client devices.

PolyCaster is available as turn-key 19-inch rack mountable server appliance. PolyCaster supports HLS with standard-compliant audio/video formats (AVC/H.264 and AAC) but also non-standard-compliant combinations of audio/video formats (such as MPEG-2 Video and MPEG audio, or AVC/H.264 with Dolby Digital audio as received from DVB).

PolyCaster allows for securing live streams with HLSAES encryption including key rotation. PolyCaster offers additional features, such as an IP filter (black-list/ white-list) and a geographical IP filter for regional blocking of streams, an account filter (user name and password), and a token-based authentication mechanism to secure accessto streams.